Monday, June 9, 2014

It's Hot!

Daisy’s baptism is this Saturday!  She passed her interview yesterday!  I love that family.  The other day we asked Ruben, Daisy’s brother, to say the closing prayer before we left.  Ruben is 8.  It all got quiet as we waited for him to start.  When he did, he made random sounds...and kept going.  We did not laugh but looked at each other as he sat there continuing to make the sounds with his head bowed. His mom said, "In Spanish or English Ruben!"  He stopped and straight faced said, "What?  I'm saying it in Chinese!"   It was soooo funny.

Another time this week, we had to take a bathroom break at McDonald’s.  It was after 8 in the evening.  While Herman Welch was in the restroom, I started talking to a girl that was working there. Her name was Patience.  It was cool!  She was telling me about crazy stuff that happened to her at work.  We were just chatting.  It was good to talk, but then we left.  All I had going through my head was how THAT was missionary work. If I could tell the world one thing it would be to just talk with people.  Had I not been a missionary, I would have loved to get her number and invite her to come hang out with me and my friends.  Maybe even see movie?  Then, I would just be her friend.  Being her friend would lead to sharing the gospel.  Imagine a month later, "Hey, we are going to church tomorrow instead of a movie.  Do you want to come?"  There is power in not wearing a tag.  I wish everyone could see that and just talk with everyone.  That would be awesome!

This week I have studied a lot about the condescension of Jesus Christ and the atonement.  It has been powerful.  Here is the link to the article I thought was so good: ensign/2011/12/the-condescension-of-jesus-christ .  The article focuses on the fact that we will never be good enough to be where we want to be or who we want to be, or even who God knows we can be except for the ransom paid by Christ.  Jesus Christ was and is.  He was righteous enough and obedient enough.  Because of His goodness and His righteousness, I can have hope!  I love it.

Ali, the daughter in the family me and my companion live with, left this morning for EFY. Yesterday during our dinner, I watched her pack with her mom.  I had all sorts of good memories and feelings watching it.  I loved EFY.  I'm secretly hoping that she will come back this weekend and share the music with us. :)  Okay... so it's not a secret.

I want to go to Mexico soooo bad!!  I need to get a passport.  Viva Mexico!

This week we have our special zone conference to say good bye to president and sister Taylor.  We will be seeing them at MlC, Spanish training and I will see them on the 26th.  Love them!

Well, that's all I can really think of.  It's still hot.  I'm still wearing a skirt.  The church is still true.  Love ya!

Hermana Pickett

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