Monday, June 30, 2014

My Last Exchange, Ever!

I just finished my last exchange ever.  Hermana Hansen came here!  I'm done with exchanges!  Yeah!! This week we get to meet the new mission president, President Griffin, and have a short interview with him.  For the Fourth of July, we are having a fast food barbeque at the Davis home where we live.  Sister Davis is going to buy “In and Out”.  I am so excited.

Yesterday, I spoke in sacrament meeting. I also accompanied Hermana Welch as she sang.  I found out on Thursday night I was speaking.  I got to pick my own topic.  So, I talked about keeping covenants, how it takes faith and how missionary work is part of our covenant.  It was a mega intense talk, but it was fun.

At our zone meeting on Friday, it was my turn to give my departing testimony.  I never thought that would happen but it did.

I had three meetings with President and Sister Taylor last week.  It was hard to watch them have to say goodbye to each missionaries one at a time.  When it was my turn, it was hard. :(   The new mission president, President Griffin, will have officially taken over the mission by the time I finish typing this email and you are reading it.  I love the Taylor's.

Today, we are going to Denny's with our ward mission leader and maybe the Elders in our ward.  I asked for IHOP or Denny's just because I want breakfast for dinner.  It's my favorite.  The ward mission leader wanted to do something before I left.  That is super nice of him.

I want to write about how I feel about the next two weeks.  I am super happy that at the end of it, I will not have to deal with the heat.  I'm happy to move on with my life and continue progressing and do what God has asked me to do.  I am also sad to have to give up his special relationship I get to have with my Savior as I serve Him with everything I have.  That is something I know I will miss.  The thought of having to remove my name tag hurts.  But, I know that I will be where I am needed.  Shoot!  Imagine if we were never got released as missionaries.  Nothing would work!  So, if the missionaries in Chicago need help the week I am there, I’m available! But please don't go crazy. 

I love being able to watch my friends be baptized.  Something changes.   I love to watch them figure things out and come closer to God after their baptism than they ever would have dreamed before. I love to watch husbands or wives who choose to come to church alone and bring their children. I love to watch the ward leaders sacrifice so much to their fellow ward members, not because they receive anything in return but just because they believe they are serving God.  It's beautiful.  There is a feeling even better than knowing you have been forgiven.  It is when you help someone else feel that exact feeling.  That is the beauty of the Atonement.  Christ allows us to feel this.

Thank you for all of your support and love.  Love you!

Hermana Pickett

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