Monday, July 7, 2014

Last Post!

Alfredo accepted a date to be baptized.  Last week he was freaking out and wanting to go back to Estrella.  It ends up that he was joking!  Honestly, he is solid, ready for baptism.  We are all on the same page now that I know he is just a jokester.  August 9th is the date.  I want to come back for that, hopefully with Hermana Dayton.  We found him on the street in Agua Fria as companions.  She continued to teach him after I left Estrella.  When he moved to Solano, I taught him and helped him set a baptismal date. Talk about tender mercies.  I love him.

Martin, I don't know what to say about him. When he walked into Gospel Principles yesterday, I started crying because "after this I won't be able to turn around and get that good feeling to see my investigators walk into class".  Also, it was fast and testimony meeting.  That was yesterday and it was rough.  Alfredo fasted with us!  He had been struggling with the concept of fasting, but he did it!  Last night, we texted him asking how the fast went.  He said he has recuperated. :) 

I got to meet President and Sister Griffin.  They are really cool.  They are very very different than President and Sister Taylor.

For the 4th, we had to be in our house by 6 pm.  We had our BBQ (In and Out) with Sister Davis.  Also, I made my Oreo shake that came from great grandpa.  We gave Annie, the Davis dog, a bath and cleaned out Sam’s horrid smelling cage.  Then, we organized and went through stuff in our room.  It was fun.

On Thursday we were supposed to have a coordination meeting.  There was a sandstorm.  We just stood outside, the missionaries and a ward mission leader, in the sand storm!  It was so fun!  I was still cleaning dirt from my ears the next day.

Solano had another missionary come home last week.  He was at church yesterday.  It was weird.  Even weirder was the fact that he looked like David Archuleta and laughed like me.  When I'm telling a funny story, I tend not to be able to make it through without stopping to laugh.  My companion freaked out because she said this newly returned mission does this exactly like me.   

The sad news of the week is that I have a bright green banded watch that I love, but it smells really bad so I use this other watch.  My second watch is all fancy looking but it has been dying for a long time.  I wanted this second watch to make it till the end of my mission.  To accommodate it, I would frequently throughout the day readjust the time.  My accommodation is just not working.  So, let it be known that today, the last p-day of my mission, I am buying a new watch.  In a week when I have a phone, I will probably never use it again.

Today, we have our zone activity. It ends up that I and Sister Welch planned and assigned everything.  It reminds me of the story of the camel that asked its owner if it could just put its nose inside the tent while the storm was there.  In the end, little by little, the camel was all inside the tent and the owner out in the storm.  That is what happened with this.   It started with, "Sisters, what do you think we should do for our June zone activity?"  

I started the Book of Mormon over again.  I was reading Lehi’s dream and trying to understand the differences between the second group and the third group of people approaching the tree. It said they both caught hold of the rod of iron. One pressed forward clinging to it and the other pressed their way forward continually holding fast.  I have been thinking about that difference a lot.  I don't know exactly what Nephi meant by that, but I see that the second group implies clinging to the word of God. The third group implies more of a secure anchor in the word of God to the point where they didn't lose their vision of the tree, or Jesus Christ.  When they made it to the tree, they recognized Him and kneel down. The scriptures have the power to anchor us and help us keep our vision set on Christ as we press our way forward.   Rather than just cling to every detail in the scriptures, the atonement as explained in the Book of Mormon is the way we can become someone more like our Savior.  It is a process that comes from continually holding fast as we press our way forward.  I hope that makes sense.  I liked it.

I know the Book of Mormon testifies of my Savior. I know it because I feel something different as I read the book. I have come to understand and feel the power of His Atonement in my life.  I feel it most as I read it and apply it to my current desires and struggles.  I testify that the power of the atonement is real. It not only cleanses us but it gives us power to act and love others beyond our own.  I am so grateful that I have made a covenant to always share that.  It is a covenant that does not go away when I take my name tag off.

Well... Talk to you soon!  Love ya!

Hermana Pickett

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